Meditation is so ubiquitous now. There are books, videos, youtube etc etc.. There are so many types of meditation like mindfulness, zen, Vedantic, japa to name a few.  Of course, all the techniques talk about the benefits such as stress reduction, concentration and so on. There have been scientific studies showing the health benefits and the effect on the brain. It has shown that just like good nutrition and exercise, this practice can have a profound effect on your well being. So over the years, I have tried meditating sporadically using different methods. Can’t say I have seen any noticeable benefits. Of course, sporadically doesn’t work for anything.  Yet at some level in my mind, I have always wanted to meditate and reap the benefits that are promised.

When Deepak Chopra’s meditation online seminars showed up in my Facebook page, I ignored the post, because I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to someone who has commercialized Vedantic teachings. I wondered is it good that so many people have learnt about Vedanta or is it somehow belittling the ancient scriptures?  I really don’t know.  Although,  I have read some of his books and found them well written.  I was able to understand the essence of the scriptures at a pragmatic level.

He was presenting the seminars with Oprah Winfrey and I admire her, so I decided to give it a try.  If I don’t like them, I can always stop.  I told myself. On the other hand, it will be a learning experience


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